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Message from the Head

As a subject, physics has been an enigma to a very large fraction of students, both at school and undergraduate levels. Many reasons can be ascribed to this view. Inadequate developments of fundamental principles, uninteresting laboratory exposure, making the subject look highly mathematical are some of them. Further, the notion that physics graduates are short of jobs also keeps many a good student from pursuing a physics carrier. In school of physics we strive to displace these misconceptions by putting the students through rigorous course work, seminar, projects, summer training at national level institutions etc. All this may seem tough, but we make every effort to create a pleasant ambience for the students to enjoy their stay in the department. In a highly competitive scenario the success story of many of alumni in research, education and industry is a testimony to our approach. We in School of Physics believe that there is no dearth of jobs for a good physics graduate. Our perpetual endeavor is to produce such products.

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